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The Very Top of the Tree
Laughing Willow
The Motherfolkers: Confluence

Fingerdances for Dulcimer

HAMMERED AND MOUNTAIN DULCIMER BOOKS - most music in these books is arranged for both dulcimers:
Dulcimer Jam
La Musica
Laughing Willow
Fingerdances for Dulcimer
Dust Off that Dulcimer and Dance: Instruction Book and CD

African Marimba Volume 1: Beginning Tunes
African Marimba Volume 2: Old and New Tunes
African Marimba Volume 3: Alport Mhlanga Retrospective
African Marimba Volume 4: Eight Paul Mataruse Songs
African Marimba Volume 5: Nine Paul Mataruse Songs

Bonnie Carol


CD - $15
In this recording I enjoyed new heights of technical quality working with Grammy winning recording engineer Tom Wasinger and state of the art mastering and mixing geniuses of Airshow Mastering. I'm sold on this level of professionalism in the technical department. Oh yes, and the music, the new CD contains all my current favorite music for various musical genres - some traditional Celtic and American tunes, some tunes written about my experiences in the wilderness, some tunes written by friends, and a few of my favorite Latin American repertoire. I think you'll find it varied and interesting!

Distance Suite - Far Away (Pete Jung) / Close at Hand (Bonnie Carol) / Dead Center (Bonnie Carol) •
Dicha Eterna (Eva Ibarra) •
Farewell to Craigie Dhu (Dougie MacLean) •
Erin Isle Suite - Dark Island / Athol Highlanders / Lark in the Morning / Gravel Walks •
Medicine Bow (Peter Ostrusko) •
Tango to the Finnish (Rodney Sauer) •
Neil Gow's Lament •

• This Stone's Story (Bonnie Carol)
• Inís Oír (Tommy Walsh)
• Friday the Thirteenth (Rodney Sauer)
• Miss Rowan Davies (Phil Cunningham)
• La Cumparsita
• New World Suite - Westphalia Waltz / Mason's Apron / Little Miss Judique / Shady Grove
• Bird Ballet (Bonnie Carol)

Bonnie Carol


CD $15
Songbook $10
An autobiographical, all instrumental celebration with the hammered dulcimer in the lead, Laughing Willow covers an array of Celtic and American music. Bonnie is accompanied by piano, guitar, wind chimes, glockenspiel, Buddhist Monks, and nature's critters - birds, bullfrogs, and the ocean.

Spring in the Valley •
Nighthawk •
The Wild Geese •
Behind the Haystack/The Butterfly •

• Off to California / The Unreel / If I Had Maggie in the Wood / Na-mu Myo-ho-ren-ge-kyo / South Porch Jig
• Skyeboat Song / New Rigged Ship / Three Thin Dimes
• Caribe
• Ship in the Clouds


Bonnie Carol
CD $15
Songbook $10
The fretted dulcimer leads an ensemble of instruments from mandolin to saxophone. This harmonious mix of instrumental and vocal music includes traditional American songs and Bonnie's original compositions.
Santa Ana's Retreat •
Song for a Fall Birthday •
Over the Rainbow •
The Cuckoo •
Southwind •
• Red Haired Boy
• Dixie / Golden Slippers
• Joellen
• The Tree Song
• Cherokee Shuffle
• Close Your Eyes

Bonnie Carol


A Mountain Dulcimer Instruction Book (Book Only, $20)
CD, $10

A comprehensive approach to learning the mountain dulcimer. Study:
• modes
• tunings
• using capos
* strum patterns
• finger picking
• flat picking
• left hand technique - hammer ons, pull offs, slides, etc.
• reading tablature and standard music notation
• playing with other instruments
• accompaniment and melody
• singing while playing
• various styles of music: Irish, American traditional, folk, contemporary compositions in the context of 56 songs. The instruction begins at the beginner's beginning and covers the most advanced techniques.

“I’m working with Dust Off now and there is so much there that I only discovered recently. It seems like whenever I stumble on a new tuning, somebody says, ‘Oh yes, that’s in Bonnie’s book.’” Connie Allen, San Diego dulcimer player.


Bonnie Carol

Favorite Jam Tunes Arranged for Hammered and Fretted Dulcimers (Book $14.95)
This is the perfect companion when musicians are gathered to engage in that most wondrous of activities - the jam session. The book includes arrangements for both dulcimers, guitar chords, and standard music notation.

Frére Jacques •
Dear Friends, Dear Friends •
Ode to Joy •
O How Lovely is the Evening •
Joy to the World •
Scotland the Brave •
Loch Lomond •
Wayfaring Stranger •
Amazing Grace •
Dona Nobis Pacem •
Simple Gifts •
On the Carpenter's Porch •
Farewell to Tarwathie •
Mairi's Wedding •
Red Haired Boy •
Eight More Miles to Louisville •
Golden Slippers •
O My Little Darlin' •

• Greensleeves
• The Wee Reel
• The Parting Glass
• Sí Beag, Sí Mór
• Drink to me Only
• Dolores Waltz
• The Road to Lisdoonvarna
• Far Away
• King of the Fairies
• Irish Washerwoman
• Dark Island
• Bonny Portmore
• Westphalia Waltz
• Tommy Bhetty's Waltz
• Gravel Walks
• Inis Oírr / Inishere
• Ashokan Farewell
• Miss Rowan Davies

Bonnie Carol


Arrangements of Latin American Music for Hammered and Fretted Dulcimer (Book $14.95)
This is a collection of some of the music I have learned from the Latin American tradition and arranged for dulcimers. There are Tex-Mex tunes, Argentinian tangos, some Mariachi music and some traditional Andean tunes. Some are traditional pieces and some are contemporary. The book includes information about the culture and background of the music. All are arranged for hammered dulcimer, and many are also arranged for fretted dulcimer. Contains many of the Latin American Tunes from Celtic Caribe.

Dulce Canción •
Himno de la Alegría •
Somos el Barco •
De Colores •
Flór de Canela •
Río, Río •
El Vendedor •
Alma, Corazón y Vida •
El Condor Pasa •
Ojos Azules •
Cuzco •
Cielito Lindo •
Las Mañanitas •

• Celtic Caribe
• La Mora Limpia
• El Zanatillo
• Sabor a Mi
• Adiós Muchachos
• La Cumparsita
• Djangotango
• To the Finnish
• Jesusita en Chihuahua
• Juaréz
• Viva Seguin
• Dicha Eterna
• El Chupón
“I received La Música a week ago and have been trying a few of the tunes. I am finding the music thrilling, challenging me to think in different rhythmic patterns than I usually do. Your  book is jam packed with lots of new material for me to learn.”  Eileen George, Washington state dulcimer player.


Beginning Tunes - a collection of the easiest tunes from volumes 1-4
Transcribed by Bonnie Carol

Book $25.00

Table of Contents:

  • Amaxoxo
  • Baba Mudiki
  • Buya iAfrica
  • Chikende
  • Chikomba
  • Duduluza
  • eKwanangoma
  • Gandanga
  • Kgapotso
  • Kopa
  • Maggie
  • Manhanga
  • Musangano
  • Musha Wangu Urikudenga
  • Osano
  • Sarura Wako
  • Shona Na
  • Siyakudumisa


Old and New Tunes
Transcribed by Bonnie Carol

Book $25.00

Table of Contents:

  • Buya iAfrica
  • Chikende
  • The First of March
  • Hwa Hwa Rine Nge Nyama
  • Kgapotso
  • Kuzanga
  • Mahororo
  • Manyatera
  • Mombe Yeumai
  • Musangano
  • Nhemamusasa
  • Nhemamusasa Yekutanga
  • Nyamaropa
  • Sarura Wako
  • Shona Na
  • Shumba
  • Siti, Muasikana Adadeka
  • Siyakudumisa

A Retrospective of a Lifetime of Work
Alport Mhlanga

Book $25.00

Table of Contents:

  • Amaxoxo
  • Bekezela
  • Chiradza II
  • Dana
  • Duduluza
  • Ectasy
  • eKwanangoma
  • Festival Fever
  • Kgopotso
  • Kopa
  • Maggie
  • Maimbo
  • Ndinolila
  • Nyathela
  • Osano
  • Ranchera
  • Ssir Matimba
  • The Third of June
  • Thula Mtananmi
  • Tshebetshehbe
  • Umdhaka
Eight African Pieces Arranged for Ensembles of Seven Marimbas
As taught by Paul Mataruse in the USA
Book $25.00

Table of Contents:

  • Baba Mudiki - © Paul Mataruse
  • Chemutengure - traditional, arranged by Paul Mataruse
  • Chikomba - traditional, arranged by Paul Mataruse
  • Gandanga - © Paul Mataruse
  • Manhanga - traditional, arranged by Paul Mataruse
  • Mhunza Musha - © Paul Mataruse
  • Musha Wangu Urikudenga - church song, arranged by Paul Mataruse
  • Taireva - traditional, arranged by Paul Mataruse

Nine African Pieces Arranged for Ensembles of Seven Marimbas
As taught by Paul Mataruse in the USA
Book $25.00

Table of Contents:

  • Ariko Munyaradzi - traditional, arranged by Paul Mataruse
  • Hanga - traditional, arranged by Paul Mataruse
  • Mbube - © Solomon Linda, arranged by Paul Mataruse
  • Mudzimu Wangu - traditional, arranged by Paul Mataruse
  • Out of the Nest - © Fiona Connon & Dean Samuel
  • Ranchera - © Alport Mhlanga, arranged by Paul Mataruse
  • Shauri Yako - © NGuashi N’timbo, arranged by Paul Mataruse
  • Tanzania - composer unknown, arranged by Paul Mataruse
  • Taurai Zvenyu - © Paul Matavire, arranged for marimba by Paul Mataruse




CD, $15
The Motherfolkers were an important part of the Colorado folk music scene for 25 years, dishing out bluegrass and blues, Celtic and Caribbean, jazz and humor on some of the most prestigious stages in the state. We were 10 – 15 women who played year round in other bands, but each spring we joined forces to become The Mother Folkers for a month of concerts. Confluence is based on one year's show. There's hammered dulcimer and percussion by Bonnie, and other musicians include Kathi DeFrancis, Mary Flower, Carla Sciaky, Sumi Seacat, Ellen Audley, Bonnie Phipps, Mary Stribling, Vicki Taylor, Eileen Niehouse, Ellen Klaver, and Mollie O'Brien. My contribution is: Alma, Corazón, y Vida.



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