If you would like to purchase books or recordings, please print out this form, fill it out, and mail it with your check payable to:

Bonnie Carol, 15 Sherwood Road, Nederland, CO 80466

Wholesale Inquiries Invited

The Moon Tree ____CD-$15  
The Very Top of the Tree ____CD-$15  
Celtic Caribe ____CD-$15  
Laughing Willow ____CD-$15 ____Book-$10
Fingerdances for Dulcimer ____CD-$15 ____Book-$10
Motherfolkers Confluence ____CD-$15  
Dust Off that Dulcimer and Dance ____CD-$10 ____Book-$20
La Música   ____Book-$14.95
African Marimba Vol. 1 (Beginning Tunes)   ____Book-$25.00
African Marimba Vol. 2 (Old and New)   ____Book-$25.00
African Marimba Vol. 3 (Alport Mhlanga)   ____Book-$25.00
African Marimba Vol. 4 (Mataruse 1)   ____Book-$25.00
African Marimba Vol. 5 (Mataruse 2)   ____Book-$25.00

Shipping: Add $4.00 for one item, $4.50 for two items, $5.00 for three or more items

TOTAL ENCLOSED $_________________







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