We are not buying any more wood. We have enough for 12 more dulcimers, and when that's gone, we're done.

Dulcimer 484 back Dulcimer 484 side

Dulcimer 483 face Dulcimer 483 side Dulcimer 482 face Dulcimer 482 back Dulcimer 482 side dulcimer473 dulcimer473 Dulcimer 466 face Dulcimer 466 back Dulcimer 466 side


dulcimer 499 Dulcimer 499 Dulcimer 499 Dulcimer 499
Notes for Dulcimer #499
I’ve been thinking about this design for years and realized I’d better make it soon. So here it is, in a beautiful set of curly Myrtle. Oops, I spilled the hearts. The fingerboard inlays are a combination of gold and white mother-of-pearl. And no, we didn’t run out of tuners. Do you like the Myrtle? We have three more sets of this, all as curly as this set.


Dulcimer 490 Dulcimer 490

Notes for Dulcimer #490
Bonnie and I spent years tweaking this celtic knot soundhole design. I've made quite a few since then but this may well be the last one. The deluxe heart fingerboard inlay is unique to this dulcimer. This could be the last time I use it too.

Dulcimer 494 Dulcimer 494

Dulcimer 491 Dulcimer 491 Dulcimer 491 Dulcimer 491

Notes for Dulcimer #491
Making the top, back and sides out of Redwood makes this dulcimer light weight with a very bright sound. The "summer wood" of Redwood is quite soft and the "winter wood" is quite hard. I took advantage of this and over-sanded the instrument to create a textured surface, check out the detail images. The fingerboard core is from an old growth tree salvaged from the California Highway Department in the 1960s. It was a guardrail post. The rest of the dulcimer is made from clear, farmed Redwood.

dulcimer 474 dulcimer 474 dulcimer 474 dulcimer 474 detail

Dulcimer 145 Dulcimer145 Dulcimer145 Dulcimer 181 Dulcimer 181 Dulcimer 181

Dulcimer 442 Dulcimer 442 Dulcimer Case

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